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Say NO to Deforestation with our
 Banana Paper Products 
100% Tree Free, Chemical Free, Guilt Free

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Roughly, 1,00,000 Trees are cut Each Day, just for Paper.
Each ton of our paper saves 17 Trees from Deforestation.
Each Tree generates sufficient Oxygen for up to Humans. 

Who We Are

SootheEarth is offering Environment Friendly paper products which are 100% Tree free, Chemical free (made without acid bleaching), Recyclable, Biodegradable and Handcrafted by upcycling banana stem fiber, which goes waste once fruit is harvested. Deforestation free alternative.

Roughly 1,00,000 Trees are cut around the world each day, Just for Paper (as per Global Forest Resource Assessment). The Pulp and Paper, one of the largest industrial sectors, has an enormous influence on forests, biodiversity and global climatic patterns.

We align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #1, #8, #12, #13 and #15 with impact on poverty reduction, employment generation, sustainable consumption & production and climate action.

Let's Choose Eco-friendly!

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Contact Us

Pune, Maharashtra, India

+91 87669 03799 / 88560 63798

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