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What is Banana Paper?

We make our Banana Paper by processing fiber extracted from Banana Tree ( stem ), which goes waste once fruit is harvested.

How are our papers Chemical Free?

It takes bleaching to make papers white but we make without bleaching hence ours are brownish, natural colored so it's chemical free. We mix cotton to make it whiter.

How are our papers Tree Free?

Since it's made from Banana Stem which simply degrades in farmland, so it's made without cutting regular tree. Fruit can be harvested only once from a Banana Tree and after that it simply goes waste.
So it's Tree Free.

Can it be used in printers?

Yes, our Banana Papers can be put in printers and work well.

Is Banana Paper durable?

It is more durable than normal paper in terms of weight holding capacity and doesn't tear as easily.

How is longevity & life of Banana Paper?

Banana Paper is believed to have 2 to 3 times longer life than normal paper, basis better quality of fiber.

What is GSM range?

We make papers from 60 GSM to 400 GSM, depending on need.

Is it customizable?

Yes all our products are customizable with design, branding and messages.

Can Banana Paper be colorful?

Yes, we can make paper sheets in any color using natural essence.

Do you use authentic Folk/Tribal Arts in products?

Absolutely, we use 100% authentic handmade art forms from source of their origin where people have been making from generations. We mostly use Madhubani Paintings, Gond Paintings, Palm Leaf Paintings, etc.

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