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As per Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 1,00,000 Trees are cut around the world Every Day, Just for Paper, which is 60% of daily deforestation.

The Pulp and Paper, one of the largest industrial sectors in the world, has an enormous influence on global forests, biodiversity and ultimately on global climatic pattern. It’s really and seriously damaging this planet.

Fortunately, now a days there is lot of buzz around Global Warming. People are talking about it, feeling concerned, want to make some contribution. Every human being consumes some amount of paper in daily life, we just can't live without paper.

So we came in business to help you say NO to Deforestation with our wide range of Paper Products made from Banana Stem Fiber, which is a waste after fruit is harvested so it’s Tree Free. And since it’s Handmade without bleaching, hence it’s Chemical Free as well.

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