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It's not just a Piece of Paper!

This attitude of ‘hey, it’s just a piece of paper…’ is cutting roughly 1,00,000 Trees around the world Every Day, Just for Paper, which is 60% of daily deforestation (as per Global Forest Resource Assessment). It is really and seriously damaging this planet.

It is a piece of Tree, a piece of life we live, a piece of our breathe, a piece of sustainability, a piece of change in global climatic pattern, a piece of global warming & rising temperature, a piece of greenhouse gas emission, a piece of environment, a piece of all lives on this planet, a piece of our irresponsible behavior, a piece of our destruction by us, a piece of question mark ? on our survival, and most important: a piece of challenge before all of us.

It’s high time for us to become responsible and sensitive enough to at least curb wastages and unnecessary usage of ‘The Piece of Paper

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