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What You Need to Know About ZKTime.Net 2.0 and How to Download It

4 Q3. How to upgrade ZKTime.Net3.0 software if the new version launched? 3.1 The ZKTime.Net3.0 software is supporting 2 ways to upgrade new version. The first way is that upgrade software online. The second way is that reinstall software after backing up the database. Suggest the first way to upgrade software. 3.2 Upgrade software online Upgrade software online Click Check Update option to get new version released file and upgrade online. If it is showing Cannot connect to update server pop-up window, check your PC network connection and try more times. If it is showing New version released, update? pop-up window, click Yes to upgrade. Close the software during software upgrading (downloading files) if the software does not close automatically. Otherwise, it will upgrade failed Upgrade software online Close the ZKTime.Net3.0 software, run the ZKTimeNet.Update.exe file (e.g. 64-bit OS path: C:\Program Files(x86)\ZKTimeNet3.0) of software installation path to upgrade online

13 E.g. Round Value is 10, Round Down is 5. If punch time is 8:55, after rounding, the attendance log will be 9:00. If punch time is 9:06, the attendance log will be 9: In Custom mode settings, If Start Time Round Time End Time, then round to the Round Time. Q14. How to upload employee data to ZKTime.Net3.0 software by U-Disk? 14.1 If you need to upload employee information and employee photo by U-Disk, we suggest to add several users in the ZKTime.Net3.0 software. Export the employee information and employee photo to U-Disk first. Then fill in the data follow the export table format If you need to upload transaction logs and transaction photos by U-Disk, download data from the device and select a correct terminal type 2.0 download

Initial Setup of Microsoft Outlook Concept This document describes the procedures for setting up the Microsoft Outlook email client to download messages from Google Mail using Internet Message Access Protocol


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